Monday, May 5, 2014

Function, fashion and self-expression

From sophisticated sweat-absorbing synthetics to cycling pants with strategically placed padding, today’s exercise apparel must be durable enough to withstand a hardcore workout PCC Interlining, stylish enough to meet friends or run errands, and distinct enough to let the world know who you are.

Chris Froio, head of training for Reebok International Ltd., the running shoe and apparel company, said consumers of both sexes are expecting their clothes not only perform but express Permess Interlining the fitness lifestyle of the wearer.

“What you see is: ‘Yes, I need my functional clothing, but I also need to look good going to and from the gym and picking up the kids,” said Froio.

“I need the style and comfort that’s going to let me wear it all day.”

Froio said customers aren’t looking just for function or just for style, they are demanding a blend.

The world sports apparel industry is expected to exceed $126 billion in sales by 2015, according to a 2013 report by Global Industry Analysts, a market research firm.

Froio cites the ubiquity of running shoes being worn by Interlining For Curtains non-runners and notes that teenagers appear to be favoring leggings, yoga pants and other athletic styles.

Bold colors, prints and graphics have gone from the periphery to a fashionable mainstay, Froio said, as exercisers look for clothes that communicate as well as perform.

“People want something that conveys the attitude of the wearer, that allows them to express themselves, whether through a colorful headband or by revealing their tattoos,” he said.

Functionality, starting with lightweight, durable, breathable fabrics with enough stretch to cover the exerciser’s full range of motion, has evolved with the help of technology QST Interlining imported from other industries.

“We have cooling technologies developed from the aerospace industry,” Froio said. “From cookware we have [developed] the Teflon applied to running wear to keep rain off athletes.”

Miami-based trainer Jessica Smith said the new fabrics hold out the dual promise of making the wearer look good and improving performance as well.

“We have compression materials, supportive materials, fabrics that breathe and give,” said Smith, creator of the Walk On fitness DVDs. “Also, you’ll see a difference between yoga clothing and clothing designed for running.”

Design becomes more functional as science becomes more sophisticated, she said, from pockets for cellphones to anti-bacterial wicking that claims to keep the exerciser not only dry but odor-free.

“We’re seeing colorful and decorative compression socks that help Olympic power lifters avoid shin burns [from chafing barbells],” she said.

Clothes have become more sophisticated, said Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist at Miramar College in California.

“Fitness apparel has evolved in the quality of material and the quality of construction,” she said.

Trends in general fashion bleed steadily into fitness apparel, Matthews said, though not always with the most functional of outcomes.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alacria Swan of Carl F. Bucherer Is Shining

Carl F. Bucherer is famous in the female wristwatch field. It is a famous Swiss watch brand. It does well in inlaying the diamonds. Alacria Swan is on of a Carl F. Bucherer female wristwatch. It belongs to Alacria series. The watch has inlaid more than 13000 high quality diamonds. It is also a mirror shows Carl F. Bucherer’s high traditional technique.

The designation of the wristwatch master is very special. He is careful at the designation and making process, then, he created the marvelous wristwatch. It is big a contribution wristwatch field. The luxury and practical material, singular art, passionate creation caught people’s eyes. Alacria Swan bloomed extremely luxury light. On the watchcase, 348 diamonds shining and shining. 137 diamonds sleep on the watch dial. And on the watch chain 844 diamonds densely inlaid. What’s more, a big diamond is shining on the watch crown. All the diamonds are handmade. They are inlaid careful. The diamonds are in high quality and beautiful.

Bucherer named the watch Alacria swan. This name can date back the foundation of the senior jewelry brand in Luzern in 1894. It is to memorize its foundation. Luzern is a Swiss city lies in highland. It is surrounded by mountains. The scene of the city likes a picture. And happiness and unrestrained atmosphere is fulfilled in the city. The city just likes a little Swiss. The magical charming city owes the famous Church Bridge and Mount Pilatus. People enjoy the beauty that thousands of swans playing in the Lake Luzern. Wandering bank of Lake Luzern, the spirits in the mirror like lake take you to a fairy tale’s world. The clean lake water seemed to have been enchanted, it becomes shining Swan Lake.

Except the lake Luzern inspired the wristwatch’s maker, 1888 the first jewelry watch shop was founded in Kapellgasse. Follow the watch to a swan world, you will see a marvelous beauty that can’t be found in the mortal world.